• Beunos Aires Upholstered French Pink Tub Chairs upholstered by Chic Upholstery
  • Blue and White Stripe Upholstered Club Sofa upholstered by Chic Upholstery
  • Blue Upholstered Art Deco Chair upholstered by Chic Upholstery

Welcome to Chic Upholstery, your trusted destination for top-notch upholstery services. We specialize in a wide array of upholstery work, including dining chairs, lounge suites, antiques, custom-built suites, bed heads, and window pelmets.

At Chic Upholstery, we take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to superior upholstery quality. Our expertise lies in interpreting your vision, ensuring your furniture looks exactly how you envision. Whether it’s contemporary suites, antiques, or collectibles, we restore them with meticulous care, maintaining our signature standard of excellence.

We prioritize durability and longevity, using only the finest materials such as high-quality foam, webbing, springs, and more. We believe in providing upholstery solutions that stand the test of time, so your furniture lasts.

Our meticulous attention to detail guarantees exceptional workmanship on every piece of your cherished furniture. Chic Upholstery is a family-owned business that has faithfully served the Toowoomba and Darling Downs area for over 40 years.

Experience the Chic Upholstery difference—where passion meets precision, and your furniture receives the care it deserves.

Contact us today to breathe new life into your beloved furniture pieces.