Chic Upholstery do a variety upholstery work including dining chairs, lounge suites, antiques, custom built suites, bed heads & window pelmets.

We pride ourselves in our quality standards of upholstery & our ability to interpret your ideas of how a piece should look. Contemporary suites, antiques & collectibles are restored with great care synonymous with our recognisable quality. Our foam, webbing, springs & other upholstery materials are of the best quality available as we believe your furniture should last.

Our attention to detail ensures you get the superior workmanship you deserve on your most treasured furniture.

Our reputation has grown considerably over the years simply by word of mouth, the most powerful form of advertising there is, and rightly so, what would we do without you, our customers! Chic Upholstery is a family business and was established here in Toowoomba in 1974. In the more than 40 years that we have been operating, Chic Upholstery has become well known and respected for our high quality work and excellent service.

What does ‘Chic’ stand for?

Contrary to popular belief it has nothing to do with baby chickens.

Chic (pronounced Sheek)

1. attractive and fashionable; stylish: a chic hat.

2. style and elegance

3. Adopting or setting current fashions and styles; sophisticated

4. The quality or state of being stylish

And so... welcome to Chic Upholstery.

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