Chic Upholstery is a family business which was established in 1974 by Adrian and Corry Mayers. Through Adrian and Corry the name Chic Upholstery became synonymous with the high quality work it is still known for today.

In 1996 their son in law Dean Gough began working with them and discovered an interest and talent he never knew he had! Since Adrian and Corry were hoping to retire in the near future and move to the coast they agreed to take Dean on as an apprentice with the view of purchasing the business once his apprenticeship was complete.

On 30 July 2000, Dean completed his apprenticeship and on 1 August 2000, Dean and Robyn purchased the business as their own, to continue on the success of the business that had been established successfully for so many years.

A more smooth transition couldn’t have been hoped for and it can only be credited to the continued high standards of work and customer service.

Situated in the Toowoomba area. Chic Upholstery continues to uphold the reputation that has been built over many years. Chic Upholstery to date remains a family business as it always has been.